All COWCC races are managed and run by voluntary members of the club. These volunteers do their best to provide a safe, competitive, and fair racing environment for all those participating.

To assist and support the volunteers in doing their job the club has created the following race rules. As riders, please also play your part in assisting the volunteers by being aware of the race rules and doing your utmost to abide by them.

We look forward to a great season of racing ahead!

Race Entries

Graded Races: Entries for graded races are taken on the day of the event. Riders will be able to indicate their preferred race grade. If required, the handicapper may adjust the makeup of grades, or combine grades, dependent on the entries received to ensure sufficient race fields across all grades.

Handicap Races: Entries for handicap races should be sent to the handicapper via the online entry form (or email or txt 027 532 5150) prior to 5.00pm the day before the event. Late entries will be accepted but will incur a $5 late entry fee.

Entry Fees


  • COWCC Club Members $10

  • Other Cycling New Zealand licensed riders $10

  • Other non-licensed riders $15

School Students

  • COWCC Club Members Free

  • Other Cycling New Zealand licensed riders Free

  • Other non-licensed riders $10

Other Fees

  • Special events* $20

  • Handicap race (additional) late-entry fee $5

* Special events include COWCC Club Champs and Vets Trophy

Cycles Riders must ensure the safety of their own cycles. Aero-bars are not permitted for use during any club event unless otherwise noted.

Race Registration: All riders must sign-on with the race secretary no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of the event. If you are running late please let the handicapper know (027 532 5150) you intend to start the race. Please do your bit and avoid putting the handicapper, race secretary, and race manager under additional pressure by turning up late without notice.

Race Briefing: At all races a pre-race course and safety briefing will be held 10 minutes before the start of the race. All riders must attend this briefing, as it will include important information relating to everyone’s safety and executing a fair race. Not attending the race briefing will result in you not being able to start the race. All races start at 9.30 am. Race Briefing at 9.20 am. Registration from 8.45 am.

Race Numbers To assist the volunteers managing and running the race, all riders are asked to wear their race numbers.

Whilst the other riders around you may know who you are, it is much harder for our volunteers to distinguish riders from one another from the side of the road, particularly in fast-paced finishes. Failure to wear a visible race number will mean the rider’s position will not be able to be recorded, and as a result they will forfeit any prize-money or points being awarded.

DNF To ensure everyone is safe and well, we make sure that all riders that have registered can be accounted for at the finish of the race. In the event that you do not complete a race please let the race secretary know as soon as possible.

Protest of Results All our volunteers do their best to create a fair racing environment for you to compete within. If you do wish to protest the results this can be done in written form. The written details of your protest should be handed to the hosting club captain within 20-minutes of the race finish.

Rider Conduct Complaints If you have an issue relating to the conduct of other riders, please bring this to the attention of the hosting club captain.

Season Points Series All COWCC events that are open to all club members will have points awarded to riders which, when combined, make up the COWCC season-long points series. The points competition has end-of-season prize allocated. All riders starting a race receive 2 points automatically. In addition the following points are also awarded for a top placing in each of our events.

Graded Races: The following additional points are awarded to the top 5 finishers in each grade. 1st - 10,  2nd - 7, 3rd - 5, 4th - 3, 5th - 2

Handicap and MTB Races : The following additional points are awarded to the top 10 finishers overall. 1st - 15,  2nd - 12, 3rd - 10, 4th - 8, 5th - 6, 6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th - 3, 9th -2, 10th - 1

Vets Trophy: No points will be awarded for the Vets Trophy event, as entry is not open to all club members.

Junior and Female Season Points Series To acknowledge the success and involvement in the club of our junior and female riders, two additional points competitions will be run that identifies the top riders in these categories from within the overall seasons points series.

To qualify for the junior season points series in the 2018/2019 season a rider needs to be under the age of 19 on the first day of racing in the season (09/10/2018).

To qualify for the female season points series in the 2018/2019 season a rider needs to be female .

Prize Money We are very lucky to have a number of great sponsors that support our racing in the region. These sponsors very generously provide prize-money and/or products during our events for top placed riders.

So you can show your thanks and appreciation to the sponsor, if you win a prize you must be present to collect it at the prize giving following the race. The only exception to this will be in the event that you have passed your apologies on to the Race Secretary prior to the prize giving taking place.

Licensing There are a number of costs associated with running the club and its race calendar. To cover these costs the club relies on club membership fees being paid by its riders. The club allows riders to enter two races per season prior to licensing with Cycling New Zealand.

Riders who are licensed with Cycling New Zealand through other clubs do not need to become COWCC club members to enter in more than two races during the season, but they will not be eligible to compete for prizes at the COWCC club championships.

Club Championships To compete for prizes in the COWCC club championships, a rider must be a COWCC club member. Club memberships will not be able to be processed on the day of the event. Please ensure you have your membership completed well in advance.

Safety All club races are held under COWCC and Cycling New Zealand’s Rules and Regulations, along with The Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management, Traffic Management Regulations, and directions of Police and any other Traffic Safety authority.

 COWCC Centerline Regulations The COWCC centreline regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the riders and other road users, as well as to ensure a fair race for all.

Any rider deliberately crossing the centerline at any point during an event will be disqualified from that race. The only exception to this will be when use of the full road has been secured by STMS. In such instances, all riders will be notified of this one-off exception at race briefing.

Any rider riding in a deliberately unsafe or dangerous manner will be disqualified from that race.

Crossing the centerline when cornering or sheltering in a crosswind echelon will be considered by the club as 'racing outside the field of play'. As such, it will be viewed as gaining an unfair advantage in addition to being a dangerous practice.


Disqualifications If everyone plays their part in following the race rules and creating a safe and fair racing environment, the issue of disqualifications will not be present, and neither will the unpleasant job of enforcing them by our club volunteers.

However, in the event that potential disqualification needs to be considered, the hosting club captain will coordinate a review with the other committee members that are present to determine if sufficient criteria has been met. The club deems a single report from a race official to be sufficient criteria to disqualify a rider, as are two concordant reports from other riders in the race.

In the event of a disqualification, the hosting club captain or club president will communicate the disqualification verbally with the rider prior to prize giving.

A riders first disqualifiable offence will result in a warning. A riders second offence will result in the rider being stood down from the following two COWCC events and a fine of $50. A riders third offence will result in the rider being stood down from all COWCC events for the remainder of the season.


Outside Assistance No outside assistance is allowed. This includes no drafting behind vehicles, no feeding by outside parties, and no radio communication with outside parties or between riders.