All club races are held under COWCC and Cycling New Zealand’s Rules and Regulations, along with The Code of Practice for Temporary Traffic Management, Traffic Management Regulations, and directions of Police and any other Traffic Safety authority. As such, all participants at COWCC events need to play their role in ensuring the safety of themselves as well as other the racers and road users.

Centerline Regulations (Excerpt from Race Rules)

The COWCC centreline regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the riders and other road users, as well as to ensure a fair race for all.

Any rider deliberately crossing the centerline at any point during an event will be disqualified from that race. The only exception to this will be when use of the full road has been secured by STMS. In such instances, all riders will be notified of this one-off exception at race briefing.

Any rider riding in a deliberately unsafe or dangerous manner will be disqualified from that race.

Crossing the centerline when cornering or sheltering in a crosswind echelon will be considered by the club as 'racing outside the field of play'. As such, it will be viewed as gaining an unfair advantage in addition to being a dangerous practice.

Health and Safety Documentation

Please see below for links to the clubs health and safety documentation.

COWCC Risk Identification

COWCC Incident and Emergency Action Plan

COWCC Incident Investigation Form