Race 20 - OUTSIDE SPORTS / ICEBREAKER Lake Hayes to Wanaka (via Cromwell)

Handicap Race 24th March

1st           Ces Driver

2nd          Adam Greally

3rd           Paul Hellebrekers

4th           Steve Sanderson

5th           Lana Deaker

6th           Alister Murchland

7th           Stu Egglington

8th           Bruce Jones

9th           Myles Gibson

10th         Guy Carter

Race 19 - CHATTO CREEK PUB Chatto Creek - Oturehua Return

Handicap Race 17th March

1st           Lana Deaker

2nd          Neil Woodrow

3rd           Alister Murchland

4th           Nigel Voice

5th           Plinio Nonato

6th           Simon Kennedy

7th           Gary Erving

8th           Alan Strong

9th           Ces Driver

10th         Wayne Miller

Race 18 - HIGHLANDS MOTORSPORT Highlands, Cromwell

Graded Race 9th March


  1. James Williamson

  2. Alex Edney

  3. James Corry

 B Grade:

  1. Dallas Mclister

  2. Gary Anderson

  3. Campbell Wright

C Grade:

  1. Zac Smith

  2. Jack Findlay

  3. McKay Watson

D Grade:

  1. Xander Marsh

  2. Michael Tan

  3. Darryl Spence

Race 17 - HIGHLAND BIKE HIRE Roxburgh, Ettrick, Moa Flat, Raes Junction, Roxburgh

Handicap Race 3rd March

1st           Myles Gibson

2nd         James Williamson

3rd          Jordan Gilmore

4th           Wayne Miller

5th           Dallas McLister

6th           Alana Forster

7th           Brett Strachan

8th           Gary Erving

9th           Neil Sutherland

10th         Lana Deaker

Race 16 - VULCAN HOTEL : GARY ANDERSON Alexandra to St Bathans

Handicap Race 24th February

1st          Lana Deaker

2nd        Ces Driver

3rd         Alister Murchland

4th         Wayne Miller

5th         Brian Lippers

6th         Jake Dobson

7th         Dallas McLister

8th         Brett Strachan

9th          Neil Sutherland

10th         Alister Forbes

Race 15 - SANDERSON FAMILY TROPHY Alexandra to Tarras

Handicap Race 17th February

1st           Josh Miller

2nd          Myles Gibson

3rd           Navarh Brotherston

4th           Plinio Nonato

5th           Brett Strachan

6th           Alister Forbes

7th           Alana Forster

8th           John Mezger

9th           Gary Erving

10th         Neil Sutherland

Race 14 - SELECT ENGINEERING Red Bridge - Tarras Return via Ardgour Loop

Handicap Race 10th February

1st           Myles Gibson

2nd          Plinio Nonato

3rd         James Wiliamson

4th           Tom Lamb

5th           Gary Anderson

6th           Patrick Harvey

7th           Leo Staufenberg

8th           Neil Sutherland

9th           Brynn Bull

10th         Alan Strong

Race 13 - BP 2 GO Tarras - Bannockburn via Ardgour Loop

Handicap Race 3rd February

1st           Mckay Watson

2nd          Ces Driver

3rd           Ritchie Williams

4th           Lana Deaker

5th           Oliver Young

6th           Bruce Jones

7th           Janet Young

8th           Alister Murchland

9th           Grant Meredith

10th         Nigel Voice

Race 12 - WILLBIKE CYCLE COACHING Cromwell to Alexandra

Handicap Race 27 January

1st Pip Thomson

2nd          Lana Deaker

3rd           Alister Murchland

4th           Grant Meredith

5th           Peter Copeland

6th           Mckay Watson

7th           Paul Hellebrekers

8th           Plinio Nonato

9th           Tom Lamb

10th         Brett Strachan

Race 11 - CENTRAL BENCHMAKERS LIMITED Alexandra - Omakau Return

Graded Race 20 January 2019


  1. Mike White

  2. Myles Gibson

  3. Guy Carter

  4. Tom Lamb

  5. Laurie Watson

 B Grade:

  1. Plinio Nonato

  2. Mark Watson

  3. Hayden Rankin

  4. Gary Anderson

  5. Gavin Mason

C Grade:

  1. Mckay Watson

  2. Jack Liddell

  3. Wayne Hudson

  4. Ces Driver

  5. Oliver Young

D Grade:

  1. Janet Young

  2. Pip Thompson

  3. Nigel Voice

  4. Sarah Ford

  5. Nick White

Race 10 - LAKE HAWEA HOTEL Hawea to Makarora Return

Handicap Race 13 January 2019

1st Janus Staufenberg

2nd          Julius Staufenberg

3rd           Oliver Thompson

4th           Plinio Nonato

5th           Gary Erving

6th           Leo Staufenberg

7th           Alex Guichard

8th           Paul Hellebrekers

9th           John Mezger

10th         Olivia Thornbury

Race 9 - MONTEITH’S BREWERY BAR Alexandra - Roxburgh Return

Handicap Race 16th December 2018

1st Corbin Strong

2nd          Hayden Strong

3rd           Reuben Thompson

4th           Brett Strachan

5th           Connie O’Brien

6th           Mark Watson

7th           Brian Lippers

8th           Wayne Hudson

9th           Gary Anderson

10th         Graham Harris

Race 8 - GARY ANDERSON Haths Trophy -Cromwell Ardgour Loop

Handicap Race 9th December 2018

1st           Gary Anderson

2nd          Wayne Hudson

3rd           Wayne Boss

4th           Mark Watson

5th           Dallas McLister

6th           Wayne Miller

7th           Paul Hathaway

8th           Ces Driver

9th           Brian Lippers

10th         Oliver Young


Graded race 2nd December 2018

A Grade:

  1. Mike White

  2. Neil Cleghorn

  3. Alister Burnett

B Grade:

  1. Travis Carrington

  2. Aaron Sinclair

  3. Hayden Rankin

  4. Plinio Nonato

  5. Alan Strong

C Grade:

  1. Andreas Holden

  2. Steve Sanderson

  3. Ces Driver

  4. Wayne Hudson

  5. Jim Phair

D Grade:

  1. Wayne Murchland

  2. Nigel Voice

  3. Pip Thompson

  4. Ed Taylor

Race 6 - OUTSIDE SPORTS Treble Cone - Wanaka Return

Graded race 18th November 2018

A Grade:

  1. Jordan Gilmore   

  2. Janus Staufenberg    

  3. Thijs Hubber    

  4. Mikayla Harvey    

  5. Laurie Watson

B Grade:

  1. Tom Lamb   

  2. Plinio Nonato    

  3. John Hogg    

  4. Geoff Taylor    

  5. Paul Hellebrekers

C Grade:

  1. Jack Finlay   

  2. Mark Watson    

  3. Ces Driver    

  4. Jack Liddell    

  5. Mckay Watson

D Grade:

  1. Carter Guichard   

  2. Neil Woodrow    

  3. Peter Hewitt    

  4. Nigel Voice    

  5. Janet Young

Race 5 - WHIPIT Hawea Flat Circuit

Graded race 11th November 2018

A Grade:

  1. Julius Staufenberg

  2. Jason Thomsen

  3. John Mezger

  4. Thijs Hubber

B Grade:

  1. Laurie Watson

  2. Hayden Thompson

  3. Jack King

  4. Plinio Nonato

  5. Phil Turnwald

C Grade:

  1. Mark Watson

  2. Steve Sanderson

  3. Ces Driver

  4. Bruce Jones

  5. Stu Eggleton

D Grade:

  1. Nigel Voice

  2. Janet Young

  3. Sarah Ford

  4. Ed Taylor

  5. Amanda Inkster

Race 4 - Specialised Heating - Speargrass Flat Circuit

Graded race 4th November 2018

Sadly this race was cancelled due to bad weather.

Race 3 - Outside Sports Cardrona - Wanaka Return

Graded race 28th October 2018

A Grade:

  1. Myles Gibson

  2. Hunter Gough

  3. Julius Staufenberg

  4. Jason Thomsen

  5. Patrick Harvey

B Grade:

  1. Tom Lamb

  2. Tim O’Leary

  3. Plinio Nonato

  4. Jason Waterhouse

  5. Brett Strachan

C Grade:

  1. Laurie Watson

  2. Ces Driver

  3. McKay Watson

  4. Mark Watson

  5. Roy van Leeuwen

D Grade:

  1. Lana Deaker

  2. Pete Hewitt

  3. Darryl Spence

  4. Janet Young

  5. Neil Woodrow

Race 2 - GWD Toyota Earnscleugh Circuit

Graded race 14th October 2018

A Grade:

  1. James Williamson

  2. Corbin Strong

  3. Reuben Thompson

  4. Paul Wright

  5. Julius Staufenberg

B Grade:

  1. Tom Lamb

  2. Dallas McLister

  3. Jason Waterhouse

  4. Brett Strachan

  5. Steve Morrison

C Grade:

  1. Greig Tyne

  2. Steve Sanderson

  3. Alex Guichard

  4. Robin Inkster

  5. Wayne Hudson

D Grade:

  1. Pip Thomson

  2. Daryl Spence

  3. Carter Guichard

  4. Lana Deaker

  5. Amanda Inkster

Race 1 - Your Physio Ripponvale Circuit

Graded race 7th October 2018

A Grade:

  1. James Williamson

  2. Paul Wright

  3. Julius Staufenberg

  4. Gary Erving

  5. Myles Gibson

B Grade:

  1. Josh Miller

  2. Chris Brookes

  3. Leo Staufenberg

  4. Hayden Thompson

  5. Alister Burnett

C Grade:

  1. Greig Tyne

  2. Steve Sanderson

  3. John Alabaster

  4. Stu Eggleton

  5. James Brent

D Grade:

  1. Lana Deaker

  2. Daryl Spence

  3. Pip Thomson

  4. Peter Hewitt

  5. Philip Bates